We are passionate about reprising an era when fine perfume and personal ritual were intimately choreographed together.

Inspired to design the world’s most innovatively luxurious flàcon de parfum, we collaborated with the finest craftspeople in England for over eight years to create Dauphine.


Personal rituals transport and transform us comfort reassure and restore us.

Dauphine reprises an era when applying perfume was a luxuriously satisfying personal ritual.

English Craftsmanship
Exquisitely designed, finely engineered in solid silver and overlaid in the purest hand-ground enamels.
Designed and engineered by the finest craftspeople in England.
Each design employs a confluence of engineering innovation and antique precision artisan Guilloché and Enamelling techniques.
Culturally iconic flowers from civilisations around the world have inspired this design series. The Marigold is inspired by the work of Rene Lalique, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Peony, Orchid, Poppy, Camomile, Frangipani, Lily, Jasmine, Sunflower and Lotus designs complete the collection.

Each Dauphine is hallmarked and individually numbered.

Limited Editions
Every Dauphine is hand made to order. Our guilloché and enamel designs are available in 25 beautiful colours, each in a limited edition of 99.
The Bullet
The Bullet accentuates the contemporary sleek shape of Dauphine and is available in 24-carat gold vermeil and solid silver.
We developed our own refillable 5ml perfume vial in collaboration with the best company specialising in perfume glass in England. When full, the vial will last several days before requiring replenishing.

We understand you may have several favourite perfumes and so we have included an additional three vials for your pleasure, each with a silver capped cork made from the finest perfume grade, 100% natural cork, harvested sustainably in Portugal.

The silver key enables ease of replacement of the vials from within your Dauphine and the silver funnel has been carefully designed for ease in refilling.

We enclose an elegant leather sleeve within which to keep your Dauphine safe and secure about your person and a polishing cloth of the highest quality to help ensure your Dauphine always remains in tiptop, sparkling condition.

Dauphine and accoutrements are brought together within a finely crafted kid leather box. Equally at home stowed away in hand luggage as it is gracing your dressing table, every box is individually hand made by a traditionally trained craftswoman in her studio overlooking the River Thames in London.

Bespoke & Personalisation Services
We would be delighted to create a totally unique Dauphine for you. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Delivery of our Silver and Vermeil Bullet designs takes approximately six weeks from date of order.

Delivery of both guilloché and enamel designs takes approximately eight weeks from the date of order.

We aim to deliver bespoke commissions within 12 weeks from the date of order.

Dauphine is available exclusively from Jovoy Parfum Rares and Fragrance Du Bois.

Contact Us
For further information and an opportunity to view Dauphine, please contact
Dugal Reid or John Horner at:

117 Flood Street

Or, alternatively, please fill in the enquiry form. Thank you.